We supercharge your business.


We are an investment company focused largely on increasing the success of the companies in our portfolio. We make it happen through the knowledge and experience we have in-house. What are we good at? We bundle companies that operate within the same sector; this ensures efficiency, sustainability and optimisation. Our DNA can be described as hands-on, pragmatic and goal oriented.


Our focus

We work closely together with entrepreneurs, to help realise the full potential of their businesses. We combine long-term visions with continuous involvement in the implementation and growth strategy. We create conditions, we stimulate critically, and we do this with patience and determination. We deploy our knowledge, experience, and network, but give the entrepreneur the freedom to uphold their identity.

“A company that has been founded trough the greatest care, passion and love, deserves to be continued”

- Cees Leijs



We are closely involved in all our business endeavours. Fun, ambition, and rapid decision-making are the hallmarks that define us. The members of our team are entrepreneurial, hands-on, and pragmatically inclined. We are passionate, yet not blindingly so.