Our focus

New growth

Our value proposition lies in our ability to rapidly push companies into a new and excitingly sustainable growth curve. Thanks to our financial expertise and hands-on management style, we are able to exploit a company’s full potential, often together with the original entrepreneur. We achieve sustainable growth and secure the future of the organisation by creating conditions, providing critical stimulation, and showing patience and determination.


WGF Capital is particularly interested in Dutch SME companies with a turnover of 1 to 10 million, with a focus on the Construction and Installation sector. Companies that are ready for the next growth phase, have a succession problem, or have run into difficulties of another nature. We are searching for organisations that are healthy in the core but have run into problems for various reasons and are therefore in need of support in achieving recovery.

“We deploy our knowledge, experience and network but give the entrepreneur the space to keep on conducting their business."

- Cees Leijs