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Wesselingh Installations

Wesselingh Installations is a plumbing and installation company with a rich history. The company has been in the family for four generations. The company was founded in 1902 by Pieter Wesselingh, a pump maker, copper and tin smith, and was given the name ‘Loodgieterij het Wapen van Egmond’. After a successful start the company was continued in 1933 by his son Hendrik Wesselingh. Hendrik made a clearer distinction in the shop, with the sale of sanitary equipment and accessories on the one hand, and the plumbing business on the other.


Business activities

Wesselingh Installations is now in the hands of the fourth generation: William, the son of Piet Wesselingh. The current business activities consist of: ventilation technology, central heating, heat pump installations, air conditioning, solar energy, zinc, copper and lead work, facade cladding, Mawipex roofing, dormers and the installation of sanitary fittings, such as complete bathrooms.



Given the developments in the market that demand an increase in scale and further specialisation, and the fact that succession within the family was not possible, the time had come, according to William Wesselingh, 4th generation owner of this family business, to seek affiliation with a strategic partner with the right vision of the market and the future, WGF Technical Services.