Alex Dijkman Dulkes

Entrepreneurship is my greatest passion, if you enjoy it you will never have to work a day in your life! I am proud of the team we have created and look forward to what WGF will bring us in the future.

Cees Leijs

With a background in banking, I have an excellent financial overview, which gives me an unerring sense of how things are going, how to deal with them, and how to make sure that what is good stays good or gets even better. You reap what you sow!

Apollonia Mars

I am a spider within the web of WGF Capital, and all the companies in the WGF portfolio. I arrange everything from clothing, vehicles, to all events internally and externally. From car rallies to BBQ-boat trips in summer, from small company lunches to events abroad. ” I am a real go-getter and like to arrange […]

Fred Voorthuijzen

As an HR manager working at WGF Capital, I am the connector between management and the organization in the field of HR-related matters. As a manager I am responsible for supporting, advising and organizing the primary HR process. Together with our team, I am also responsible for the realization of the strategic HR policy. As […]

Isabelle Bourgonje

For years I have been working in the finance department at WGF Capital. For all companies within our portfolio I ensure that the accounting is recorded in a structured manner. Due to the diversity of the companies, every day offers the necessary challenge and job satisfaction.

Line Bijster

As a Recruiter in a challenging industry, I am determined to find the right candidates for difficult positions. My social and creative skills enable me to find candidates that match the unique requirements of each position.

Maudy Rozemeijer

What I do stands out and makes a difference to our processes. Unravelling financial muddle and applying structure suits me. I am a cheerful doer, I persevere and I finish. The pleasure that we as the WGF team have in our work is very important to me. Because of the variation at WGF Capital no […]

Mario Roest

Coming from a entrepreneurially centred family, I have been keenly interested in numbers from an early age. In my finance role at WGF Capital, I can put all my accumulated knowledge, experience and creativity to good use. I am in my element during ever changing circumstances and whilst solving complex cases. I have a highly […]

Marloes van Kooten

Working as a marketer at WGF Capital can be described as challenging, dynamic and divers. That makes me happy. All types of marketing come along. As a Marketing and Communication Manager, it is my job to keep an overview of the development and implementation of the various marketing strategies and to guide the team that […]

Nicolette de Vos

As Office Manager, I am the first person you see when you visit our office. I receive customers and relations and make them feel welcome. I manage all the ins and outs in and around the workspace, so that employees can fully focus on their own work. In addition to a secretarial function, I facilitate, […]